First dates are terrifying occasion. You need to look best. You want it to be perfect. Thinking of a nice outfit, groom yourself, smell nice are only a few reminders to yourself on how you step up on your first date. One of the terrifying reasons also are the “where to go?” and “what to do?” thing. Moreover, you’re looking forward also about the things that should make her impress.

To make things easier, there are first dates ideas for you to select from. Whether you feel like going all out or keeping it relatively safe, these tips may guide you on how to have more adventurous and fun activity dates with your girl. It has a great potential of awesomeness and will surely hit the girls.

1. Picnic in a Park

A walk in a park is one of the coolest things that you could’ve ever done for her. Though, first date in a park is really sophisticated because of the preparation of food ahead of time and this may involve cooking and arranging your needs in the basket. Moreover, you must pick up a fine day for the picnic in the park. In addition, this kind of date is good also for some little getting to know thing, like talking about random things and make it sure it will be memorable for the both of you, especially for her.

2. Museum/ Art Gallery

A culture vulture vibes is in to this kind of date. You should know her date’s interests. For example, your woman is interested to renaissance or baroque arts why not bring her to the museum or art gallery that has that kind of artworks of course before you bring her to the museum you should research first about things you can see inside the gallery. Work to impress her. You’ll be her tour guide inside, like giving information about the artworks.

3. Dinner

Dinner dates require more time commitment than more casual drinks-based dates and it will be pricier. Fancy restaurants or fine dining is kinda expensive but if you’re looking for cheap but unforgettable dinner, you can do it by yourself. Just set up table in your garden or to your favourite place, prepare and cook food for her. Give your best for her. Efforts and hardship in preparing for that kind of dinner date will surely impress her because it’s your own effort.

4. Theme park/ Carnival

Boosting the adrenaline rush through rides in the amusement parks or carnivals is also one way to spend time together while having fun. Bringing her to this kind of place as you buy tickets and stroll around the various standards and rides with few stops in between for food and drink even if you think your date is not the gorgeous or sexiest woman in the world. It’s really amazing and fun to let out your inner kid and have a silly moment for a while.

There are a lot of fun ways on how you can have the best first dates. Just be creative and be yourself. Making her impress about what you can do for her is a simple thing that shows you’re into her and you respect her. Indeed, make sure that your moment together is a memorable one.

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