Most people find their happiness in their current relationship. But, there are also some who are suffering from a toxic relationship. Sometimes, all you need to do is to give up but you will always find some reasons to hold on. When is the right time to give up? Actually, there is no right time. You are the one who will determine if it is the end of the line. You may often find it hard to give up or you may feel you are in a dead-end situation. It is not easy to break out of a bad relationship but most people find inner peace once they do.

If you are in the same situation, this article will be a huge help to ease your burden. It may not be easy to implement an escape plan but you will eventually find your way to go out. Here are the things you need to consider to be able to go out in a toxic relationship:

1. Take a break and start loving yourself.

Most people that are in a relationship are giving all they’ve got for their partner. Sometimes, they tend to forget to love their selves. Think of self-compassion and start caring for yourself but do not mistake it with self-pity. By the time you learn self-compassion, you can easily get out of a bad relationship.

2. Stand on your decision and own it.

Once you get decided of leaving your partner, stand on it and don’t hold back. You know your worth, you are better than what your partner is treating you. In a relationship, you are always dependent on your partner but when it became toxic, you should be able to own your decision.

3. Rehabilitate yourself from being addicted to love.

Yes, love is addicting and once you get used to it, your system will hunger for it. So, getting out of that love is painful and involves a long-suffering. The excitement, passion, and drive you have for that love is the same things that can help you get out of it.

4. Surpassed the denial stage.

You can ask everyone who has a recent heartbreak, at first, they are in denial even before the breakup. One of the keys that will help you get out of a bad relationship is acceptance. Denial keeps you holding for what you have and instead of letting go, you will stay.

5. Look into the advantages of breaking out of it

Always see the bright side of whatever you are going through. If you will think of the positive effects of it, you will find yourself getting out of your relationship easier.

No one says that it is going to be an easy journey. Getting out of a toxic relationship is a painful stage of your life that you have to go through so you will gain back your self-compassion and be happy again. Sometimes, all you have to do is to breathe to be able to learn and appreciate yourself. Start by loving yourself first.

How to break out of a bad relationship?

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